Zero Multi-Power Supply (Battery supported)

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A powerful supplier for your project. Support battery input, release your world, wide visibale voltage output make your life relaxer.

Block Diagram:

Two type input select:

Mini USB in: 5V, It can get more power .

Battery: 2*AAA, It can support more scene.

Update #1:Add a type input

1、Lithium battery supported. Single cell(3.7V) and Dual Cell(7.4V,Max:9V) all supported.

2、Connector type:ZH1.5

Please note: Due to the board size, I couldn’t add the low voltage protection and charging circuit. 

Smart structural design. Battery houses are support columns.

Power switch(select) and Adjust :

ADJ: Wide range & Adjustable (Vin-14V).

ADJ1: Adjustable (1-5V).

ADJ2: Adjustable (1-5V) .


2-Way Adjustable(1-5V) output.

1-Way Wide range & Adjustable(Vin-14V) output*.


1、The wide range output is the source of V_ADJ1, V_ADJ2.Recommend  Adjust the wide range output to V_ADJ1 + 2V or V_ADJ2 + 2V to ensure ADJ1, ADJ2 working properly.

2、When use 2*AAA as power source , The wide range & Adjustable output recommended is Vin-9V(Max).

It also can  provide various power to other electronic devices  by the fly wire.

Multi way voltage display

4-way:Vin_Mini USB & Battery 2*AAA、V_ADJ、V_ADJ1、V_ADJ2.

Green digital display, clear and accurate.

Output Brief Test Data:


This output current is only when using power supply ,Not actual battery. Due to the limit of battery quality and capacity,the battery current is less than this current. For the current and discharge cycle when using battery, please refer to the test data in the following table.

Standard Accessories:

Breadboard X 1PCS;

Mini USB Line X 1PCS(2A);

Jumper X 10PCS (Color Random);

Adjust Screwdriver X 1PCS.

Update #2:Add a ZH1.5 line as Standard Accessories:

ZH1.5 line,L=10cm,2 Head X 1PCS

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