LEDTwee -Tweezers for LED V1



LEDTwee is the Tweezers easy to test LED and used to check anysize and color LEDs or LED Module. You should have one!!

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“Revolution” on LED testing tool. 🙂

  • Are you using magnifying glass trying to find the samll size(0402,0603…) LED polarity marking?
  • Are you still using two hands on multi-meter to test LED working or not?
  • Are you taking the LED off from your board to test?
  • Are you struggling on wasting LED when you test them in reel?
  • The V1 is base on V0, more comfortable to use, more practical, and can be used as ordinary tweezers.



  • It is easy to use, handy to use,safe to use(LEDTwee including 215 ohm(two 430 ohm  parallel) resistor to limiting the current)!
  • A switch on the LEDTwee V1 for easy to use.
  • It is not only used as normal tweesers, but also  as a LED tester!
  • Different size, Different color, Different model(Reel test is suitable for the size ≥ 0805).

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