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Question 1:How do you do when you are debugging a project?

First, connect the computer  and your Arduino by USB.

Second, Upload your code into the Arduino.

Third, Detach the Arduino and bring to the field and test run.

If the function is not good, repeat 1-3 steps. Again and again…..

Question 2: How do you print your log info or use debug console on your filed? 

a: Take a laptop and USB cable to connect the Arduino

b: I can’t

Question 3: If you use an battery based Arduino project, how do you manage the battery?

a: Use dry battery, Buy a lot battery to change

b: Use a rechargeable battery, and take it out to charge when it is low power.


Z-duino, it free your life for design you fantastic project!

With Z-duino, you can…  

Upload program in the air

You can upload your code without USB cable. It is wireless by Bluetooth. Yes, once you have Bluetooth on you computer, you can update the Z-duino over the air. And also, you can download the firmware from your mobile phone. Yes, your android phone!!!

Download By Computer

 project video thumbnail

Clear version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsRZWmizkVs

Download By Mobile Phone

 project video thumbnail

Clear version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8wyFLxbvuc&index=5&list=PLFjSCJTEl3yKw2BU7t5oZmp1S5dDChtqy

Debug info in the air

Yes, of cause!! When you can download the firmware to the board, you surely can use it to monitor the log info from the system.

And also talk between the USB serial port and Bluetooth serial port. You know what you can do, right? ^_^

Two serial port communication

 project video thumbnail

Clear version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay1okltRIw4&list=PLFjSCJTEl3yKw2BU7t5oZmp1S5dDChtqy

Remote control in the air

Bingo, you get the third advantage!! You can control the system from your mobile phone or laptop as wireless.

 project video thumbnail

Clear version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiZ2lLy6kYA&list=PLFjSCJTEl3yKw2BU7t5oZmp1S5dDChtqy&index=2

Li-ion Battery Management

Connect your battery to the board and enjoy the Z-duino. And you can charge the battery over the USB port.

The circuit support:

  • *Auto Frequency Modulation, for different boost power load
  • *Low battery protection, if the battery voltage lower than 2.7V, the circuit will stop working for protect battery
  • *Great boost efficiency, 88%(TYP), 92%(Max)
  • *upto ±1% tolerance for charging battery at 4.2V
  • *upto ±2.5% 5V output
  • *Two LED indicate the charging status
  • *The max charging current is 1000mA.

Features of the board

This board is modified from Arduino UNO board. So it is compatible with Arduino UNO.

CPU:  ATmega328P-AU

USB-Serial: FDTI  FT232RL

Battery Management IC: TP5410

Bluetooth Module: BT12

Support me!! Enjoy the Z-duino, create your world free!

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